Initial Consultation

An initial consultation where we discuss your vision for a beautiful and functional garden will lead to a detailed Client Brief and Fee proposal (based on your specific needs) being prepared for approval.

A Base Plan will then be created that references local weather conditions, existing structures and plants. This provides the basis for the concept development.


Concept Plan

The concept plan is drawn to scale to provide the layout of hard and soft landscape elements. It contains images that help with visualising the concepts, and includes:

  • Layout of garden elements such as paving, lawn, garden beds, play spaces and paths as well as built elements such as decking, pergolas, seating, raised garden beds, water features and retaining walls
  • A Planting Palette, which is a visual list of suggested plants for each area of the design

The concept plan is presented for discussion and approval.

Master Plan

The final landscape plans include any amendments of the Concept plan as well as all the information required to obtain quotes from landscape contractors or suppliers; including:

  • Planting plan, specifying the location of all plants
  • Plant schedule, that lists plant details including botanical and common names, numbers, mature size and recommended pot sizes
  • Materials schedule, that lists hard landscaping material details and suggested suppliers
  • Details of built elements

Lighting plan, if required


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