Twig Garden Design exists to help you create your vision of beauty. By inspiring and encouraging interaction between the living and constantly evolving elements of your garden, Twig Garden Design creates gardens that provoke positive emotions, soothe the soul and remind us we are part of something bigger.

At Twig Garden Design we aim to create personal, unique spaces that satisfy the need for sanctuary.

Being near and among plants moves us, for in their presence we hold the wonder and beauty of nature close at hand

Scott Ogden and Lauren Spring Ogden


Helen has always had a love of creativity and an interest in art and design. After working as a teacher and procedure writer, she decided to follow a new career path after feeling inspired by the garden design she created for her own front yard. Landscape design satisfies Helen’s love of the natural world and of beauty, and she appreciates how they interact and cooperate with functionality to create healthy, liveable spaces. After completing her Landscape Design qualification, Helen worked for a garden lighting company, honing her skills in lighting design and specification.


Working together to understand your needs we will recommend garden layout, plants and more...

Twig Garden Design will help you develop your vision for a beautiful and functional garden, from initial consultation through to detailed plans...

Garden lighting provides another dimension to your landscape throughout the seasons. It has a number of practical and aesthetic benefits....

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